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Take an in-depth look at the Google Sheets here to gain a comprehensive understanding of the dataset’s structure and content.

AI Real Estate Agent

Boost the potential of your real estate business with our cutting-edge AI chatbot. Seamlessly integrating with Google Sheets, our chatbot empowers you to effortlessly arrange and scrutinize property listings. Enhance your efficiency and productivity to the maximum level by harnessing the power of our advanced chatbot exclusively designed for real estate lead generation.

Property Listings Insights

Our dataset comprises extensive information regarding real estate listings, including:

  • Property Address: The location of the property.
  • Property Price: The sale price or rent price of the property.
  • Property Type: The type of property, could be any type available.
  • Number of Bedrooms: The property’s number of bedrooms.
  • Number of Bathrooms: The quantity of bathrooms within the premises.
  • Property Area: The property has a total area in either square meters (sqm) or square feet (sqf).
  • And much more: you can see here

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