Understanding, Types of Attacks and Handling Data Security

Understanding of data security

Data security is a support procedure to protect data from unwanted actions, especially security in financial transaction services.

Here are some reasons why data security is important:

  • Prevent potential material loss
  • Reduce the risk of data misuse
  • Minimizing criminal acts from data information
  • Reduce the risk of data being misused
  • Reduce operational losses / Fraud
  • Minimizes the opportunity for criminal acts

Types of attacks that can happen from hackers

Several types of actions during data theft:

  • Interception: a party who does not have authority to access data but manages to obtain information access rights
  • Interruption: This party has taken control of the system but not completely, so the original admin can still log in
  • Fabrication : The submitting party has successfully inserted a fake object into the target system
  • Modification: The attacker damages and changes the system as a whole

How to suppress data theft:

  • Update passwords regularly
  • Use 2x Authentication on important accounts
  • Don’t just log in, make sure the website you use to log in is not a phishing website
  • Use a password with a combination of letters, symbols and numbers, don’t use passwords that are easy to guess.
  • Ensure that you use wifi in public places carefully, especially when logging in to financial transactions.
  • Install security plugins on the server to prevent brute force attacks. Brute force is an attempt to enter an account by guessing the username and password used.
  • Carry out encryption on crucial data. Encryption is a process of changing an understandable code into an incomprehensible (unreadable) code. Encryption can also be interpreted as a code or chipper.
  • Perform regular and automatic backups of applications and databases

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13 thoughts on “Understanding, Types of Attacks and Handling Data Security”

  1. Really appreciate the breakdown of data security here, especially since I handle a lot of the family’s online transactions. It’s a constant worry thinking about data breaches. Would love to see more tips on prevention.

    • Setting up a solid firewall and getting a good antivirus are starters. Also, educate the kiddos on phishing scams!

  2. is it just me or does the idea of hackers seem a bit overblown in movies? like, i get it’s a real threat but how common is it really for average joes?

  3. How does one start to even understand all the types of attacks out there? It’s like the more you learn, the less you know. Wiweka, any simple starting point you’d recommend?

  4. Data security’s like the unsung hero of our times, saving us from unseen villains every day. It’s the superhero story we all live in.

  5. In-depth understanding of data security principles is crucial, not only for IT professionals but for anyone in the digital age. The article touches on an essential topic, but expanding on encryption methodologies and how they safeguard against specific types of attacks could be beneficial.

  6. Always trying to keep up with technology to stay in touch with my grandchildren. This article sheds light on why they keep telling me to update my passwords and be careful what I click on. It’s a lot to take in, but understanding it is half the battle, isn’t it?

  7. Could this be part of our curriculum? Teaching kids not just how to use technology but also how to safeguard themselves seems crucial. Does anyone have resources or modules they recommend for high school students?

  8. Understanding hacker tactics is step 1 in defense. Great insight, starts with knowing what you’re up against.

  9. As someone who’s just starting to take her business online, this talk about data security is super important. Scary to think about someone stealing my customers’ info. Any specific advice for small business owners?

  10. Crazy how keeping data safe’s just like locking up your house before hitting the waves. Gotta keep those digital doors closed tight.


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