Facebook Promotion Strategies

In this tutorial, we will discuss strategic aspects rather than technical ones. Therefore, please read carefully and try to understand the concept.

The technical side might vary from person to person, but the main strategy should be understood.

Have at Least 2 Facebook Accounts Every online businessman marketing their products through social media should at least have 2 accounts. A personal account and a business account.

But why 2 accounts?

Firstly, it will allow you, let’s say your name is Dede, to more precisely and diligently target your market. Remember, Facebook friendship is limited to 5,000 friends only. The rest become followers and messages sent by followers are hidden by Facebook and do not appear directly as regular friends.

Secondly, it will ensure the content that Dede creates aligns with your target market. So, we use our personal account for brainstorming, while the business account is used for mature and tested content.

In terms of profile appearance, both accounts can look similar. To distinguish between them, maybe Dede can create two visually different names. For instance, if my name is Dede Wiweka, I can create an account named Dede Wiweka, Dede W, or D Wiweka.

If you wish to use the same name, that’s fine too. Because Facebook allows us to create a name identical to someone else’s. Hence, don’t be surprised if you find many identical names on Facebook. The downside could be that Dede himself might get confused distinguishing between his personal and business account.

For the profile picture, it’s best to use your own photo. Whether it’s for personal or business account. Remember! On Facebook, the brand you should always reinforce is YOU. Hence, your name is your brand. Don’t focus too much on products, especially if they are not your own. Because Facebook users tend to prefer person-to-person interaction rather than befriending a company. Hence, the account owner’s Facebook is more noticed by Facebook users than Facebook’s fanpage itself.

Especially for a business account, try to choose your best photo. The most handsome and bauty one, if necessary take it in a studio. In short, both accounts should seem personal instead of corporate accounts.

To manage them, I tried using a Chrome extension named Swap my Cookies so we can switch accounts quickly. However, from my experience, other accounts are rarely managed, LOL… This method seems only suitable if we have more than 3 accounts. If there are only 2 accounts, I suggest you use two different browsers. For example, Chrome and Firefox. So, you can observe both accounts properly. Copying from one account to another is also faster than using the Chrome extension.

Alright, if you’re ready with 2 accounts and have logged in using 2 browsers, it’s time for us to start… promoting 🙂

Managing Personal Account #

First, let’s focus on the personal account. If this were a war, the personal account could be seen as the vanguard. It ventures into many friendships to chart the best course for the main forces. Some businessmen use many personal accounts to expedite work. But for beginners, it’s best to start with one personal account.

Tasks for a personal account:

  1. To find as many friends as possible. Although, try to stick to your target market. Therefore, it’s crucial to stay focused on a specific niche so your target market doesn’t have too much variance. For instance, Dede focuses on specific women’s products niche, like hijabs for sale, perhaps taking part in an MLM with cosmetic products tomorrow, or might someday become a Muslim fashion reseller, etc. But all remain in the women’s product niche. Even more specifically, products for Muslim women. Now, you just have to find Muslim women on Facebook to befriend. If your products can’t be shipped out of town, for example, food or perishable products, then look for Facebook friends who live in the same city.
  2. Join groups that are widely followed by your niche. If your target market is Muslim women, then join groups of Muslim women. If you’re in, try to be active. Therefore, just choose 3-5 groups and look for ones that are bustling. You can check their latest post. If there are often new posts and each post has many responses, then you might want to stick around there. But if it’s quiet or neglected despite having many members, it’s better to leave the group and find another one, even though the number of members might be smaller. Remember, interaction in the group is more important than the number of members.
  3. Update status regularly. Try to update often. It doesn’t have to always be an article related to your niche, could also be about personal things. Like what you’re doing, where you are, or commenting on a trending issue, just make sure there’s fresh content. The point is to boost your account’s engagement. We know, our friends might go online at different times, some in the morning, afternoon, or night. With frequent updates, we can reach all of them. If someone comments, likes, or shares, our engagement will rise. Regular status updates will also train you to write. So, with lots of practice, a status that was initially only 1-2 sentences can expand and have more substance.
  4. If Dede buys a product and the owner has a special group for buyers, try to get into that group. Because the market in there consists of all buyers. Try to share articles related to the product often. Like if the product is for Facebook marketing, then regularly share about Facebook marketing. You can Google the material and rewrite it in your own language.
  5. Follow and add your fiercest competitors to the Closed Friends list. In war, there’s a saying: the more we know our enemy, the more of victory becomes ours. Therefore, how can Dede win the competition if you don’t know who your competitors are? Hence, use this personal account to “spy” on your competitors. Only focus on major competitors, don’t bother with insignificant ones, so you don’t lose focus.

Okay, do those strategies every day on your personal account. Keep adding friends until you reach the 5,000 friend limit. If needed, Dede can create more personal accounts. But only if you’ve reached 5,000 friends. Just add a browser like Internet Explorer or Opera.

However, if you find it troublesome to manage 2 personal accounts, plus one business account, I suggest you diligently remove inactive friends. It might be a bit hard, but I have a method that is fairly quick though not instant.

Managing a Business Account #

Now let’s segue into managing a business account. This can be seen as the main army in our metaphorical war. After your personal account has gathered intel, your business account is used to run the main operation. Here are some strategies:

  1. Make sure to regularly post content on the business account and make it informative, relevant, and engaging. Content that provides value to users has more potential to be shared, which in turn increases your reach.
  2. Engage with your followers by responding to comments and messages in a timely manner. This will help foster a community around your brand, leading to more engagement and loyalty.
  3. Use Facebook’s built-in promotional tools to increase your reach. This can be done through paid advertisements or boosting popular posts for a larger audience to see.
  4. Utilize Facebook Insights to better understand your audience and what kind of content they engage with most. This information can be used to create more targeted and relevant content.
  5. Make sure your business profile is complete and professional. This includes having an appropriate profile picture and cover photo, and having a bio that clearly states what your business is about.
  6. Use call-to-actions in your posts to encourage engagement. This can be anything from asking a question to the audience or inviting them to visit your website or discover more about your products/service.

But of course, don’t forget to comply with Facebook’s rules and regulations. The last thing you want is for your account to be suspended or banned, which would effectively halt your promotional efforts. So always ensure you’re up-to-date with Facebook’s policies.

Taking into account these strategies and having both a personal and business Facebook account, you can boost your online business presence, connect with your target market more effectively, and potentially increase your sales. It may seem challenging initially, but with patience and consistency, it can certainly be achieved.

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